Blynn-Conti Family of Borgosesia (VC), Italy


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Anna Louise announces the birth of her sister...
Anna Louise annuncia la nascita della sorella...


Emma Jane Blynn
Born/Nata: 02 Feb 2006


Anna Louise Blynn
Born/Nata: 05 Oct/Ott 2004


Our Wedding: 27 Nov 1999

The Blynn-Conti Family Photo Album is now available online. The album covers the period from when Anna Louise was born on 5 October 2004 through 31 December 2005.


1. Click on Blynn-Conti Family Album

2. Then make sure the book ID # 159398 is in the box. Press ENTER.

3. A pop-up box should then appear requesting the password, which is 571407. Place 571407 in the Enter password box and click on OK.

Note: if pop-up boxes are blocked on your system, you will need to allow them for this site. The latest version of Acrobat is required.

Please let us know how you liked are photo album!

More to follow!!!

Anna Louise, Emma Jane, Luciana & Peter Scott BLYNN
Via Vittorio Veneto 82/A
13011 Borgosesia (Vercelli)
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